Let the games begin! It's been a little quiet lately not too many crusaders have solutions to what will likely be significant economic turbulence. First of all "Fixolopoly" is not word at least not yet. But I am going to define it so that we are all on the same page. It is series of views mostly with no experience or unqualified to

presentations made up of loosely pulled together facts, with upbeat presentations of unproven solutions or outdated ideas, repackaged and relabeled as new and improved. Of course all should come with a warning label but they don’t. However the "Fix" is in data to convince the audience that the presenter or expert has a real handle on how to solve a problem.

So I call many of these outlandish attempts to gain the confidence of unsuspecting audiences to buy worthless products or ideas a "Fixolopoly" because it fixes nothing.

The issue at hand is that solutions need to have the "future state" in mind and it is very unclear what that is even going to look like. It is easy to point out what's changed but how to influence or act on what's changed with pin-point accuracy is a long shot at best. Why? Because we are still in a very fluid situation. The problem is that businesses don't need any additional big picture educations, about what's wrong we already know that! They need concrete solutions on what actions to take and when. After all even if the sky is falling (it's not) everyone needs a plan and that just happens to be missing from a lot of the rhetoric that we will hear in the coming months.

I suspect we will see a plethora (there is that colourful world to fill your mind) of repetitive old concepts repackaged. The problem is that many have not let it sink in yet, that what has changed is not going back to where it was once.

At Inception Retail Group we look at the environment very differently. We know that the economy is shaping up in clusters of change, and it will be different than it was in December of 2019. Consumers have had so much time to adapt to a number of personal and emotional changes that were unexpected. Such as what is essential and what isn't. The terms essential and non-essential has changed which businesses are important and which ones aren't for consumers and their own personal needs. That mindset is reframing lifestyle, personal health, savings and how we view life with friends and family. This isn't fixolopoly this is human nature. Fixolopoly experts will have you believe that nothing will change. Okay if they say so.

What should businesses do? Find the right advisors. Sometimes you need a new pitcher on the mound or goalie in the net.

My name is George Minakakis I am the CEO of Inception Retail Group and author of the Great Transition The Emergence of Unconventional Leadership.